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Karissa Shannon: Karissa Shannon Superstar

Every celebrity fan in the world knew Karissa Shannon, the famous Playboy Playmate and The Girl Next Door should come up with her own sex tape sooner or later and now this long-awaited moment has finally come. You will see another side of this gorgeous celeb, not the vanilla erotic one you are used to, but rather the wild and kinky one you've never seen before. Not that this babe really wanted this video to go public, at least not the full unedited version of it, but what happened happened and now you can see it all like you are right there so close you can almost touch this blonde goddess. You will see Karissa Shannon get fucked by her ebony boyfriend, TV star Sam Jones III in bed, in the car, in the shower or elsewhere, have some submissive fetish fun with handcuffs and riding crops, get whipped and do some other utterly depraved stuff. This raw, uncut and uncensored video called “Karissa Shannon Superstar” is already considered to be one of the most controversial pieces of celebrity footage ever released. Who knew your favorite next door girl had so much dirty kink in her? Getting naked in front of the camera, showing off her wet body with an extremely seductive tattoo right above her perfect ass, getting spanked in a shower, wrapping her legs around Sam Jones III's neck and getting fucked in handcuffs – you name it! This naughty kitten is totally out of control unleashing her most perverted desires and sharing her intimate fantasies in a video she probably wishes would stay unreleased forever. Everything you ever wanted to do with The Girl Next Door is in this jaw-dropping sex tape. Karissa Shannon Superstar is a must-see for any fan of celebrity private porn!

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chris at 04:22 on September 3, 2014:

the full video sucks. you cant see shit. the problem with most celeb sex tapes is its all just dick shots or seeing nothing good

Mr RappaJazz at 05:22 on March 23, 2013:

wow USA, USA, USA Girl....

Perfect Body, Blonde, Beautiful, and Good Boobs...

raja at 13:27 on February 2, 2013:

i kiss your big boobs

mmmmohamad at 05:48 on February 2, 2013:

خیلی زیباست