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Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton sex tape

Gossip Girl would do anything to get Paris Hilton sex tape first, but the legendary video is already available to anyone with an Internet connection. The world's most famous party gal and high-society scandal maker totally exposed in front of the camera having some hardcore fun with her bf and showing the whole world she knows her way around cock. Socialite, fashion designer, businesswoman, actress, musician and now also a home porn video star - Paris Hilton celebrity sex tape is absolutely a must-see!

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Tom at 00:48 on April 9, 2014:

@ The Funny Guy: Small tits, pale face, you just described the best sex tape, to each their own!

jack at 11:19 on March 26, 2014:

Her boob so small and her dirty pussy with dirty smell

The Funny Guy at 17:05 on March 16, 2014:

Small Tits,
Pale face
Dont class this as a sextape

at 23:32 on September 20, 2013:

She has like over 20 sex tapes

at 12:37 on May 17, 2013:

small boobs

at 09:12 on March 9, 2013:

guy is so fuckin ugly