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Nicki Minaj: Nicki Minaj Sex Tape

Famous rapper, singer, dancer, songwriter, voice actress, TV celebrity and now the star of her own private sex tape – it's all about Nicki Minaj and given the multiple sexual identities she embodies in her musical performances you bet this video is packed with explicit erotic moments. Some industry sources claim that Nicki Minaj is bisexual, but in her leaked sex tape this ebony kitten goes all straight showcasing her blowjob skills on white cock and doing some other hot and depraved stuff with her unnamed boyfriend. Say what you want, but the way she gives head leaves no doubt that Nicki Minaj loves dick! Just watch her ride those soft skillful lips up and down the lucky guy's slick shaft and you're gonna wish you were the one moaning of pleasure while getting a killer blowjob from this eager dark-skinned celeb. It's a whole new Pink Friday, folks, with Nicki getting her sweet juicy pussy ready to get fucked and working her pink lips on a stiff creamy rod like a champion. This sex tape could have gone platinum in no time or stay in any Top List forever. Yeah, it's this hot, wild and erotically pleasing! Becoming the first female artist on MTV's Annual Hottest MC List wasn't enough for Nicki Minaj and she took it one level further with a smashing explicit video that shocked the critics and awed the fans all around the world. The most influential female rapper of all times? You bet she's gonna influence the way you enjoy celebrity sex tapes with her stunning blowjob video! Watch Nicki Minaj do it like a dirty slut with her pretty mouth that raps and sucks cock with equal skill and passion.

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