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Kendra Wilkinson: Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

As a former playboy bunny and Hugh Heffner's live-in girlfriend, it's no great surprise that Kendra Wilkinson has a sex tape. Filmed when she was just eighteen – before she was a bunny – Kendra's explicit video with her ex-boyfriend starts with her dancing around in white knee-high boots and her boyfriend's leather jacket. It's a scene that would not look out of place on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, let alone a private celebrity sex tape like this. Kendra has a crazy amount of enthusiasm for her sexual practice, probably with her future career in mind. She aims to entice by sucking her finger and is completely at ease in front of the camera, so it's hard to believe that she is only eighteen with no prior porn experience. Kendra's confidence seems to know no bounds as she demonstrates her talents for being a bit of a skank by getting on top and riding her bf like a pro cowgirl. Maybe Kendra feels at ease because she knows that she is ridiculously more attractive than the guy she is banging. To say she is out of his league is an understatement and when you see him on the screen it is genuinely jarring. It's kind of Shrek and Princess Fiona set up. What a shocker! Although Kendra demonstrates good technique, the sex tape is a little uncomfortable to watch. They both just seem quite young and trashy. You can visibly see mold on the ceiling as Kendra flaunts her exhibitionist qualities. This young/trashy motif is reinforced further when the duo demonstrates their preferred method of birth control – hope. What can Kendra Exposed teach us? Firstly, Kendra proves that there is a good reason why she was a Playboy bunny. Secondly if you are going to attempt to make a sex tape, please ensure that both you and your partner are aesthetically pleasing.

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