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Erica Lynne: Erica Lynne Is Badd

As if being called the baddest of The Bad Girls Club, Miami wasn't enough Erica Lynne goes totally out of control with her very own scandalous sex tape called “Erica Lynne Is Badd”. This smoking hot and utterly depraved “Trash Talking Cheerleader” sure knows her way around cock and she's not shy to share the most intimate bedroom moments she had with her stud-for-fun Adrian on the Internet. Now you'll know why the show had such high ratings with Erica rumbling around and causing one altercation after another. That was all just innocent shenanigans compared to the things she does in this explicit sex video! Check out that masterpiece of a perfectly shaped ass with sexy tattoos right above it and watch Erica Lynne give some stunning views of her delicious body, suck her favorite cock-shaped lollipop and get her brains fucked out big time. Yeah, and that sweet juicy pussy of hers sure tastes good cuz it looks like Adrian just can't get enough of licking it. It's like the most awaited season premiere you absolutely can't miss, so get ready to be shocked cuz you never know what to expect from Erica Lynne in her private sex tape! And I totally love that song playing in the background which is also highly requested by site visitors. For you guys that song playing in Erica Lynn's sex tape is called Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back. Watch it at YouTube

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tony at 00:52 on October 1, 2014:

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kimberlly stewart at 14:18 on July 9, 2014:

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