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Tati Neves: Tati Neves porn tape she made before fucking Justin Bieber

Tati Neves made a jump from a total unknown to a real Brazilian celeb in just a few days. It all started with a video her friend posted online that had Tati filming Justin Bieber as he was asleep in his bed. A few days later Tati said she had sex with Bieber and some sources posted the information that she got paid around $10K for it. Next thing you know Tati Neves is a new celeb on the rise and when the tabloids start digging they find her 2006 porn tape. She used to call herself Emanuele back then and did a few hardcore porn videos with some jaw-dropping outdoor and poolside action. You don't need to be a porn expert to see this hot Latina knows her way around cock and loves to fuck. Justin Bieber is a lucky guy if he really spent a night of passion with this playful babe. Check out some of the screenshots we got here, watch Tati Neves porn tape preview and get the full video if you wanna know what it feels like fucking pop star's hot Brazilian groupie.

fragoso at 23:22 on October 1, 2014:

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