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Alyssa Milano: Alyssa Milano sex tape skit

Alyssa Milano 'sex tape' is a class act cuz even when this Hollywood celeb decides to tease her fans with a provocative 'homemade video' she does it in a totally hilarious way. She's not like Kim Kardashian, Myla Sinanaj or Farrah Abraham who will do anything just to get paid, even if it's getting assfucked on camera. This time things go the other way as Alyssa plays with the viewers showing some nice cleavage and flashing lingerie, then joins her half-naked boyfriend in bed, says she wants to make a sex tape and suddenly knocks the camera around. Yeah, she turns it away just when her man pulls her back on the bed for some hot shenanigans, but you can still see what's going on there in the mirror hanging on the wall right next to a large TV set. Alyssa Milano sex tape skit is fun, fresh, classy and exciting. This gorgeous 40 y.o. MILF surely knows how to tease her fans and make her man want her so bad things just might get out of control in this hotel room during the Hollywood star's Cabo vacation. Check out probably the most amazing 'sex tape' skit to ever come out and browse Gossip Tapes for some real full-length hardcore celebrity porn videos.

Eminem at 15:28 on May 15, 2014:

I want her to suck my cock without a condom on

Andy Watz at 04:56 on February 23, 2014:

She's hotter without make-up on, nice

at 11:54 on November 11, 2013:

So its true...without make up these bitches are plain ugly...

disapointed at 15:01 on September 16, 2013:

if this a brief showing i'm sorry for anyone that has to pay watch it