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Monica Lewinsky: Monica Lewinsky audio sex tape

Do you remember Monica Lewinsky? Yes, the one who gave US President Bill Clinton secret blowjobs right in the Oval Office and ended up causing his scandalous impeachment. Now this former White House intern is back in the headlines around the Internet shocking the world with her explicit stalker-like audio sex tape. The old cassette was long considered lost, but somehow the guys from National Enquirer got their hands on it. So what did Monica have to say in this intimate recording she passed to Bill through his secretary? “I could take my clothes off and start… well…” yeah, we know what she eventually followed with leaving probably the most famous stain in the history of modern American politics on her dress. That's just the beginning of the leaked recording and it surely has much more to enjoy and feel shocked about. You've heard about celebrity sex tapes from Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Farrah Abraham and Myla Sinanaj, but we bet you've never heard anything like this before. Monica Lewinsky audio sex tape might be just the top of an iceberg, so stay tuned for any future developments including the full-length uncensored version we'll have available for you shortly. Peek behind the closed doors of US President's main office and listen to his former lover's explicit revelations. Enjoy the real story of forbidden passion and feel like you witness the intimate life of one of the world's most powerful leaders and his naughty intern up close and personal.