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Chloe Sevigny: Chloe Sevigny Sex Tape

An American film actress, fashion designer and former model Chloe Sevigny has been around for some time already famous for her numerous accomplishments and explicit scenes in the movies and lately for an amazing Chloe Sevigny sex tape. With a smashing debut in a scandalous and controversial “Kids” movie that led to her receiving a prestigious Independent Spirit Award nomination her acting career went straight up earning her both praise from the critics and love from the fans around the world. Having pursued various relations with high-profile men Chloe Sevigny admits she had questioned her gender and sexuality doing some sexual experimenting with lesbian and bisexual relationships as well. However, as you will see from Chloe Sevigny sex tape this blonde celeb loves nothing more than taking a big firm cock in her greedy mouth and giving it some good hard sucking. Oral sex makes her so horny she almost cums herself while pleasing a man displaying a sort of passion that seems to be on the verge of obsession. We've been waiting for this Hollywood goddess to do a fully nude scene or at least showcase her blowjob skills in front of the camera and the wait was totally worth it. It's not like many other celebrity videos or even porn movies with women going all too theatrical while sucking dick. You can tell all the passion and hunger for boner is real when Chloe Sevigny slides her lips up and down that firm slick shaft pushing her face down to swallow cock even deeper. You absolutely gotta check out the short preview clip we got here for you and get a full unedited version of Chloe Sevigny celebrity sex video at Gossip Tapes.

at 10:26 on September 4, 2013:

Its not a sex tape, this is a clip from the movie 'the brown bunny.' There's even been a lot of debate over whether Vincent Gallo used a fake penis or not.

johs59 at 05:55 on July 20, 2013:

Oh do mee