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Kerri Parker: Kerri Parker - Sex Tape

We love photo models and Hollywood babes with big boobs and that's why we were so excited to get a confirmation that the rumors we heard about one of our favorite celebs were true. After months of searching and negotiating Kerri Parker sex tape is finally in our hands and here's what the Internet mostly knows about this gorgeous babe who so shamelessly exposes her perfect body in this homemade video. Kerri Parker is a photo model, TV and movie actress and quite a successful entrepreneur. She was named Max Power Babe back in 2004 and eventually got signed by several famous celebrity agencies. Kerri appeared in numerous magazines including FHM, Maxim and Playboy and she even has her own site with some pretty cool erotic pics and stuff. She is also famous for her TV films and shows and also appeared in such Hollywood movies as Batman The Dark Knight, Robinhood and The Bourne Ultimatum. The press names this big-breasted hottie as one of the “Next generation of Young Entrepreneurs” and she sure could make a fortune in adult biz with a set of sex skills like that and a masterpiece of a pussy Mother Nature gave her. We can't disclose all the details here, but Kerri Parker sex tape is a total mind-blower. You can easily imagine this naughty kitten sucking and fucking her way through numerous auditions and castings to become one of the most desirable and successful women both in Europe and in the whole world. Waste no time and check out our special Kerri Parker celebrity sex video preview right here to get a better feel and taste of what awaits for you in a complete version that is now also available online.

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