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Baek Ji Young: Baek Ji Young - Sex Tape

Asian chicks are smoking hot and a South Korean pop star like Baek Ji-Young is just so gorgeous it makes you wanna see her with no clothes on, eat her sweet pussy and spend the night fucking this petite narrow-eyed celeb in every position possible. Well, if you are her ex-manager Kim Shi Won these dirty dreams became a reality back in 2000 when Baek Ji-Young sex tape leaked to the Internet. This legendary video was recorded in a hotel room with Baek Ji-Young, just a showbiz newbie back then, having no idea she was getting naked and fucking in front of the camera. This is what makes this video so special. No acting, no setup, just raw sexuality, pure passion and hunger for cock. That douchebag got lucky to nail one of the most desirable women in the Orient and later tried to use the video for blackmailing the singer when she wanted to sign with another manager at the peak of her career. What a scum! We heard about Baek Ji-Young sex tape long time ago and were finally able to get the full version for you. Whether you are into gorgeous Asian celebs or not this scandalous video is a must-see and a definite must-have in your porn collection.

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